Clearance of Norris Castle on the Isle of Wight

Norris Castle. Located on the most northerly point of the Isle of Wight and the playground of royalty. It had become tired and fallen from its former glory and was due to go to market in the summer of 2015.

Norris Castle on the Isle of Wight Hampshire

The Norris Castle job was a very special job to Feedback Atency. Not only did the job require all of our offerings including agricultural teams and our clearance operatives, it was undertaken across a beautiful 225 acre, Grade 1 listed plot in the Hampshire countryside.

In late June 2015, Feedback Atency was contacted by the executors of the Norris Castle Estate with regards to the clearance and disposal of the waste and other items from the main castle building. The aim of the project was to clear the castle to facilitate marketing of the estate by mid-July. The estate and castle building had fallen into faded glory. Much of the grounds were overgrown, and the castle rooms were full of waste and unloved items that needed to be disposed of.



Norris Castle was constructed for Lord Henry Seymour in 1799 by architect James Wyatt and is situated on the northern most tip of the Isle of Wight. It has had a varied and colourful history, including being a holiday destination for HRH Princess Victoria, and as the set of ‘The Masters’ prison in the 1971 filming of the Dr Who episode ‘The Sea Devils’.




Feedback Atency worked for three weeks across the grounds. We undertook clearances of all the internal rooms, clearing everything from old furniture and waste electrical goods to broken crockery and old paint. As we moved through the castle, we were met by mountains of yellowed paperwork, miles of old rugs, and tonnes of old woodworm ravished furniture.

We cleared waste from the main living quarters, through lo the servant’s quarters, the basement the courtyards and the farm yard and estate grounds. With the estate boasting 26,000 square feet of living space, 225 acres of land and a mile of waterfront, there was a lot of ground that needed attention. Many fields were topped, brambles were battled, two RORO’s were filled when the farmyards were cleared, and the team had to cut a path just to get access into the walled garden. Luckily the sun shone across the Isle of Wight and the weather was on our side.


Feedback Local Operatives at Norris Castle


Grass Cutting on the Isle of Wight


After weeks of work the Norris Castle Estate had undergone a huge transformation. With such a substantial amount of waste on site when the project was started, seeing the castle clear and ready for viewing was a satisfying moment. Needless to say we were (and still are) incredibly proud of what was achieved.  Norris Castle will remain a fond memory and we all hope to visit again someday once it is restored to its former glory.


Piano Room at Norris Castle Isle of Wight