The Waste Hierarchy

Over the coming few weeks Feedback Local will be releasing a series of blog posts advise how to manage waste at a business level. This will be everything from the waste hierarchy, through to how to dispose of those tricky items.  Keep an eye out for the “managing waste at a business level” tag, for more information.

First this week it’s the Waste hierarchy. All the industries we have come across love a good framework and diagram, and the waste industry is no exception. The waste hierarchy is a five step framework that outlines the most appropriate way to process waste through your business according to the EU.  Applying the principles of the waste hierarchy to aims to both reduce the environmental impact of your operations and intends to save you money.

The basic principles of the hierarchy is to reduce the amount of waste created from business processes, however it is incredibly unlikely that any company will have zero waste output, so the hierarchy also highlights the value of re-purposing and recycling the waste produced.

The Waste Hierarchy Commercial Waste Disposal



The First Blog Post


We are Feedback Local, a waste management service currently operating across southern England. Feedback Local specialises in the hassle free removal of waste from both commercial and domestic premises. We offer a range of service to suit nearly all waste management needs, including rapid response and in situ removals.  The Feedback Local service is provided by Feedback Atency, a long established nationwide waste solutions provider. We operate highly trained crews, in a selection of specialist vehicles capable of loading and disposing of most waste.

As well as providing an insight into our operations overview and what we get up to here at Feedback Local, we’ll develop a knowledge base of the waste industry to help you make the best choices for you and your business.

If you have any comments about the blog, any of its posts or queries about us or our services please feel free to contact us either by email or telephone. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Commercial Waste Clearance Team