Clearing Cumbria – The Clean Up Operation after Storms Desmond and Frank

After the devastation of Storm Desmond and Storm Frank Cumbria is now in a state of repair. The clean-up operation is in full swing as residents who had previously aimed to recover before Christmas, now try to start the New Year by returning to normality.

To help with the recovery process, a team from Feedback went up to Carlisle to join the clean-up process. Based in a supermarket, we were tasked with clearing the waste and soled products from the shop floor in preparation for the refit. On our way to the site our team were able to see first-hand the devastation caused by storm Desmond. Large areas of Carlisle were still without power, and the streets were strewn with family possessions and house contents. The brick work of buildings were stained by the water line from the previous few days. In some parts of the city, the water had reached three to four foot high.